Visual: Sun rising over green mountians

00:02 Gold peak

Visual: zoom out on Gold Peak products over ice in woden cart

00:04 it starts with ingredients like

00:07 delicious mountain-grown tea filtered

00:10 water and just the right balance of

Visual: hands pull product bottles off the cart and pour a glass of iced tea

00:14 sweetness

00:17 it's a perfectly crafted homebrew taste

00:19 that always makes you feel right at home

Visual: Close up of man sipping a glass of tea surrounded by friends at an outdoor picnic table

00:22 [Music]

00:25 gold peak the taste that brings you home

Visual: Wooden cart of Gold Peak Tea bottles on ice and full picnic table in the back ground

On Screen: The taste that brings you home.

00:29 [Music]

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